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If you’ve built a few web sites in your life, you’ll know that dealing with web hosts, installs, migrations, troubleshooting and downtimes can be extremely frustrating. I for one have switched web hosts several times, more than I would have liked! I’ve used iPage, Network Solutions, GoDaddy, HostGator, you name it, I’ve dealt with it. I have not been impressed. Recently however, I switched my services over to SiteGround and they’ve proved amazing. They use smarter measures to prevent against hacks and attacks, and they are so easy to set up! Although my web server did meet with a DDoS attack a month after I migrated over, my sites were not down, they remained online 100% of the time and SiteGround was so proactive about communicating timely. What more, SiteGround’s customer service was outstanding. Their service far exceeds all other web hosts I’ve dealt with to date. I am excited to say that I believe I finally found a home for my web sites. Do you have a favorite web host you use? Vote your favorite web host below and you may just win a Samsung Galaxy Tablet! [button id=”webhost” link=” ” linking=”default” size=”small” type=”simple” title=”vote fav web host” text_color=”#fff” bg_color=”#a316df”]

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