Youth Cooking Class at Out Boulder – Vietnamese Spring Rolls!

I’m excited to be teaching the Youth Cooking Class at Out Boulder for the LGBTQA (Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Transgender, Queer and Allies) community tomorrow. We have Fresh Vietnamese Spring Rolls on the menu!

The class will get to get their hands dirty, rolling 2 versions of Vietnamese Spring Rolls, one traditional style (with shrimp) and one with Tricia’s special twist 🙂 (vegetarian). Jen and I prepped today for the class and did a trial run and they tasted yummy, and so fresh with the herbs we used!

Learn to make a traditional Vietnamese sweet chili dipping sauce and a spicy soy sauce to compliment your fresh spring rolls. All attendees will also get a copy of the recipes used for this cooking class.

For dessert we’ll have sesame balls. Event is hosted by OutBoulder at the Pridehouse Community Center. Sponsored by Wholefoods, thanks Wholefoods 🙂

There will be several adults there as well as a handful of youth, ages 13-18! Food and class is complimentary! My first cooking class and we’re keeping it casual and creative!

The cooking session will be held at downtown Boulder at the Pridehouse.

Can’t wait!


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