China Travel & Tour Responsive Site Design


This project was primarily a re-design of client’s existing travel site that was build years ago. Client provided travel planning and guide services to China primarily for MBA, K12 and custom tours. The old site was built in html from scratch and had a lot of small thumbnail images that didn’t do a good job highlighting all the fun, travel activities they provided their customers. My re-design service included template selection, template changes, slider images, photo selection and contact form set up. This also included a responsive web site that allowed the new site to re-size for mobile devices. Client reported that my rates for this project beat 8 other web design firms in the Boulder / Denver area and our solution was a much more comprehensive solution. The other design firms wanted to build from scratch which would take longer and cost more. Client also reported that after the site re-design, their customers mentioned how much they loved the photos displayed on their main landing pages, home, MBA, K12 and Leisuire Travel.


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